CCH iFirm Documents

CCH iFirm Documents

With the CCH iFirm Documents application, you can reduce your use of paper and save time by storing client documents in the cloud. This accounting program has a centralized client database that allows you to see, at a glance, all documents pertaining to any client including online invoices. Updates are immediately synchronized so even your most recent documents are only a click away.

Save trees. Save time.

More and more accountants’ tax software and documentation are moving to the cloud. So it doesn’t make sense that your clients’ paperwork is in a cabinet or on a server in the office. With CCH iFirm Documents, you can reduce the amount of paper you’re using and the amount of time spent trying to access your client files such as online invoices that you have issued.

Just click a contact

CCH iFirm Documents is an accounting program that enables you to access all of your clients’ files – anywhere and anytime –  simply by clicking their contact record. All you need is an Internet connection to have a complete overview for every one of your clients. And synchronized updates ensure that you’re always looking at the latest file.

Best value storage

Your CCH iFirm Documents client folder will be held in the cloud by one of three leading cloud storage providers: OneDrive, Dropbox or Box. This means you’ll experience the comfort and convenience of cutting-edge cloud storage and security, plus first class customer service and the very best value for money.

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