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Taxprep Dashboard

During tax season, knowledge truly is power.

Taxprep Dashboard allows you to do real-time analysis of your personal tax season to help you manage your workload more efficiently. It helps you get the most out of your Taxprep Canadian tax preparation software.

Manage your T1 season

Real-time analytics that let you see your workload anywhere and anytime.

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Enjoy real-time updates of your progress

Taxprep Dashboard is Taxprep software that allows you to stay on track during tax season. You see your workload in real time, anywhere and anytime – and you can manage your returns accordingly. You know who is over and under-assigned and can detect and prevent bottlenecks by reassigning returns using drag and drop.

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Compare to last year’s tax season

With Taxprep Dashboard, you can quickly compare in real time how this season is going versus last year.

Taxprep for Trusts

Alerts for returns blocking your workflow

You see alerts for returns that are blocked for reasons such as pending client information.

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Review return status history

Review the status history of “problem” returns to identify root causes and get things fixed once and for all.

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Quiet your alerts

You can rely on Taxprep Dashboard software to keep an eye on fires that have been extinguished in case they reignite.

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