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Previously aired Expert Edge webinars.

Hosted by leading tax specialist. Sessions are 90 minutes long, includes a download of the presentation and 2 CPD hours.

(English) Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions – Canadian Income Tax Highlights

In today's global economy, merger and acquisition activity is becoming more and more prevalent across international borders, even for smaller companies. Entrepreneurs from the baby boom generation are beginning to consider retirement, and wanting to sell their businesses. Many new businesses are in the growth and acquisition phase, looking to enter new geographical markets. But some very unique complexities can arise when businesses align across the border, and practitioners should arm themselves with a basic understanding of what potential issues can arise.

Join Christopher Steeves, a partner at Fasken Martineau, for an insightful overview of the key tax considerations involving business mergers and acquisitions across the Canada-U.S. border. This particular session is designed to provide practitioners with a basic understanding of the intricacies associated with such cross-border tax planning, as well as some planning suggestions for avoiding common pitfalls.

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(English) Tax-Deferred Transfers in the Income Tax Act

We are led to believe that when property transfers between persons, then tax will apply, but there are many different ways that property can be transferred between persons on a tax-deferred basis within the Income Tax Act. Each type of tax-deferred transfer has its own conditions for implementation and situations for use. There are also some traps that even seasoned practitioners can find themselves caught in.

Join David Cesmystruk of Blackbird Tax LLP for a comprehensive and practical overview of the many forms of tax-deferred transfers. This webinar will provide guidance on the various tax-deferred rollover transfers that are available in the Income Tax Act, pros and cons to their use, and what conditions must be met for implementation. Where appropriate, guidance for common traps associated with rollovers will also be provided.

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(English) Business Valuation Approaches and Applications – A High Level Overview

A business valuation is meant to assess the fair market value of shares held in a business. This is useful or necessary in many different applications - business acquisitions or sales, family law, insurance matters, tax valuation matters, estate planning, and financial or regulatory reporting. The importance of arriving at an accurate valuation that is appropriate to the circumstances can often be underappreciated by practitioners.

In this webinar, Mitchell Ornstein will provide a practical high-level overview of some of the more common valuation approaches. In addition to being a Chartered Business Valuator and principal of Ornstein Valuations, Mitchell is also the author and instructor of an open enrolment business valuations course at the University of Toronto, which has been accredited by the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators - the first of its kind in Canada.

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(English) Shareholders’ Agreements – Some Selected Tax Issues

Shareholders' agreements are often entered into when the parties are thinking about protecting their respective holdings and rights in the event of operational or life changes. Unfortunately, tax considerations can often be forgotten or overlooked, and the results can be detrimental in certain buy-outs and related clauses. Every practitioner should be aware of these traps.

Join Stuart Bollefer of Aird & Berlis LLP for a thorough review of the pertinent tax considerations to be aware of in drafting a shareholders' agreement. Key planning/safeguard ideas will also be discussed.

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(English) The Art of Rainmaking – Become a Force to be Reckoned with at Your Firm

In many firms, selling the firm's services is often left to the firm's rainmakers. But in a smaller firm, or in the case of a sole proprietor, it is the service providers who must also sell the company. It can be difficult to find useful guidance in developing these essential skills, in one's self or in the firm's next generation leaders, because there's no cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to rainmaking. David Straughan, a partner and CPA at MacGillivray, has been providing business building guidance through many years and numerous presentations in both the US and Canada. This particular session is designed to teach existing and emerging firm leaders what rainmaking really is (as well as what it isn't) so that they can learn how to leverage their positions as trusted advisors to build their practices and propel their careers forward. Attendees will learn how to track and qualify prospects and, best of all, how to close the deal to turn that prospect into a new client for their firm.

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(English) Death and Taxes – When Life’s Two Certainties Collide

Many a joke has turned on the axiom about the certainty of death and taxes. However, when the first precipitates the second, the resulting complexities are anything but humorous. The planning opportunities and potential complications in planning for those who have a broad base of asset holdings often leave accountants feeling confused and frustrated. Fret no longer. In this insightful but concise two-hour webinar, Shaun Doody will provide a practical overview of the tax issues and considerations that can arise upon the death of a taxpayer. This includes an overview of the deeming rules invoked on death, the tax treatment of various assets, and some planning opportunities and strategies available to deal with these issues.

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